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We give your celebration day one more reason to celebrate

October 18, 2014

This Diwali promises to be a great time for many people around Delhi as they celebrate surrounded by festivities lights and a lot of enthusiasm. Reasons to celebrate won't fall short and you can enjoy the entire day with friends and family.

But everything that is good can be turned into something great. That is why Mega Cabs is giving you a special offer so that your holiday becomes even more pleasant. Every person who books a ride with our cabs during Diwali season through our mobile app will get Rs.100 off on their fare cost.

It is a perfect combination of convenience and savings that will make your festivities even better and simpler. Why to struggle to find parking spaces in the city, going through traffic and worrying about your car when you can easily book a Mega Cabs ride directly from your smartphone and just relax and enjoy the season of Diwali with comfort.

Remember that your way back home is also very important, so book your ride in advance through our app as well so that you won't have to worry about anything else other than celebrating a lot with the people you love and enjoying that day throughout.

So download our mobile app, keep your phone close to you, and make use of all the practical things that this technology has to offer you, which includes booking cabs in a much easier way. Something that Mega Cabs consider to be essential to our customers: making the whole process as easy as it can be.
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