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Traffic Tau - The New Traffic Mascot Of India

January 28, 2014

"Tau" in hindi means an elderly person in family who keeps a check on others and teach them right things on right time. Taking a cue from this term, the Indian traffic police recently updated its traffic mascot with the name "Traffic Tau". The traffic tau works like an elderly person who keeps an eye over traffic system and teaches right lessons to those who make mistakes and fail to follow traffic rules. A popular term in northern India, 'Tau' is a perfect term that connects several cultures across northern India. The term is especially used in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

Though the concept is yet applied in Haryana only, it is expected to become part of other traffic systems soon. "Traffic Tau" is an icon of discipline that wears a white dhoti, red turban, and blue jacket and walks with a cane in hand. It delivers its traffic messages in Haryana's dialect so that people can understand the importance of traffic rules in their native language. This initiative is mainly supported by SABMiller India's traffic campaign - 'Respect the Road'. The campaign has been in operation from last year and has done substantial work in spreading awareness about traffic rules in public.

"Traffic Tau" is an appreciable initiative that works in the direction of directly connecting people with basic principles of safe driving and road safety. It is important to make people understand importance of safe driving as with the increasing number of vehicles over roads, the number of accidents has been increasing at a rapid rate. Most of the victims fail to get proper medical attention on time and several succumb even before reaching to hospital.

Mega Cabs totally support such initiatives as safe driving and road safety are some of the basic principles of our working model. All our drivers are trained at best driving institutes of India where they are taught to abide with Indian traffic rules and understand the importance of human life. Our main endeavour is to offer our passengers safe drives along with all comfort at economic prices. For further queries please write to us at
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