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Time To Thank Your Mother For All Love and Warmth

May 7, 2014

She smiled at you when no one cared, she took you in when everyone walked out on you, and she was there when no one was there. Don't believe in love at first sight, well look at her she started loving you before you opened your eyes to this world. She started as your mother then became your teacher, a little later your friend, and then you left home to study, work, and make a life.

Distant workplaces are one of the major killers of time that you could devote to your family and friends. That's why there are some special occasions that call for special attention and care towards our loved ones. Mother's day is one such special day when you can always go and let your mother knows how special she has always been for you. Being a parent isn't an easy task especially in a competitive world. It is time you could make up for that and return them some of the sheer affinity they bestowed upon you since the beginning.

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