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Mega Cabs and Pinkathon

February 15, 2014

All our regular visitors would be proud to know that Mega Cabs is a travel partner to the much talked about Pinkathon that is slated to take place in Bangalore on 23rd February, 2014. The Pinkathon conveys a strong message with respect to women strength, safety, and fitness. Women's safety is one of the common grounds that Mega Cabs shares with Pinkathon. We equally support and stand for protection of the other half of society. With Mega Cabs one can stay assured in terms of protection and security of women commuting through our cabs.

All the cars that are included in our cabs fleet are loaded with all necessary comfort features that ensure safety of the passengers travelling in them. All our cabs are regularly checked in terms of fuel and other liquids. All their ends are well maintained to make sure they don't break down while the passenger is en route. The drivers that are appointed in our team are all well-trained at some of the most reputed driving institutes of India that inculcates all necessary skills in them. These candidates are groomed in terms of driving as well as behavioural skills. There is a thorough back ground check done over these candidates before they are recruited for training.

All these measures are taken with a simple aim to ensure safety and security of passengers travelling in our cabs. We keep a strict tab over all our cabs that are on road with passengers. All our cabs have been equipped with GPS systems that let our central control rooms know the position of our cabs. Also, we request all our passengers to leave phone number of one of their relative/friend with whom we will be sharing your position details while you are travelling in our cab. Letting your close ones know your position is one of the most reliable measures that we think we can take with respect to your safety. You may make a booking at Mega Cabs online, over our toll free number, or through Mega Cabs smart phone app whenever wherever you are. For any other queries or information you can always drop us a mail at
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