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Mega Cabs - An all-new cab service in Pune

January 19, 2017

Office tomorrow? But isn't life so full of responsibilities and obligations! Though a city like Pune is largely filled with corporate professionals; making the life faster and more demanding. It is nearly impossible to find a break and finish those uninviting and unexpected tasks that arrive with no prior notice.

Mid-week parent's meeting at school, somebody suddenly falling unwell at home, collecting the online shopping order and the wish doesn't end. You must have been through all that. How about dropping your near and dear one to the airport or picking them from there? Well, Mega Cabs has a solution for the last problem you face.

Fortunately, Mega Cabs has just arrived in Pune from 12 January onwards. Did you know it is the country's own luxury cab-service? In fact, it is the oldest in India. Rather than relying on services that add to the economy of foreign nations, it is the time to use a cab-service that belongs to India only.

If you have a friend/relative who has to be picked or dropped from or to the airport, you may book a Mega Cab in advance. In fact, Team Mega provides you twenty-four into seven facilities. Simply call at 90909-09090. Adding more to this, there's no surge pricing as well. So Pune people, 'Mega Cabs' is eager to serve you. Book now!

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