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Make Sundays more interesting and fun with Mega cabs

June 6, 2014

Sundays are a great day to be with your family. Actually, everyday is a good day to be with your family, but Sundays are extra good, considering that everybody is relaxed and free from work . Sunday Is a day to relax and be around the ones you love, but that dosesn't necessarily means that you should only stay at home. It is also a great day to explore new places in the city and break loose from the usual places of the routine.

But it can be a little troubling, moving from one place to other all day long. That is why many people turn to the practical use of Mega cabs for journeys around the city and do some sightseeing with comfort and agility.

Starting in the morning time in Kolkata is a great time to visit a few of the classics in the city. Take the family out to see the Dakshineswar Kali Temple where everyone can enjoy a magnificent place and revisit some of India's rich cultural history. Mega cabs can take you there in full comfort every time and is also a great source for more information about other spots in the city as well, considering that our drivers are experts in the location they are at. So feel free to ask them any questions.

After that is a great time to have something to eat. You can either look up a few places online or there is always the practical way of asking the Mega cabs driver to give a suggestion, taking in consideration their strong background on places to go and where to eat.

Take your time and have a good lunch, after all, it is Sunday and absolutely nothing should be done in a hurry. Then talk to your Mega cabs driver about what you want to do now. It is a good time to visit some street markets and see all the variety going on around those areas. But keep in mind to always ask a few suggestions to the driver when you are up to something new that you didn't planned before, because, once again, it is Sunday and relaxing should be more important than sticking to a plan.

Don't ever worry about getting lost. All of our cabs have a GPS installed that is connected to our headquarters, so, in the unlikely case that you need any kind of help, the Mega cabs staff is always connected to you and ready to help.

When the day comes to an end, you'll go home in a car packed with air conditioner, extra luggage space in case you and your family did some shopping, and a very large rear seat to offer your family lots of room for everybody to rest on the way back. But remember that anytime your family is up for another quality ride, Mega cabs is a click or a call away. If you have any questions, please mail us at
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