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Just A day out with Mega Cabs!

March 24, 2015

Living in the same city for years doesn't mean you can't experience everything a city has to offer. So, whether a break you are hoping to take from your mundane schedules or you are simply in need of some inspiration, all you have to do is book a cab & venture a little further in your own city, outside your regular spaces.

We are there to kick start the day as early as you want, so just delve into the belly of your city any time you feel like. A mention of a day trip conjures up the image of a refreshing, exciting & yet a relaxing day. With Mega Cabs, relaxation begins before you even reach your destination & your own city will become much more peaceful & a magical place for you.

Every city has its own charm & personality. Be it the garden city of India, Bengaluru or the cultural capital of the nation, Kolkata.


Tourist Places in Bengaluru

Take a day to explore Bengaluru, notice the amiable contrasts of the city, here the old & new co-exists! So get the sense of fluidity & change, which this city offers. Get glimpses of the exotic that exists along with the modern & old sitting with the new.


Tourist Places in Amritsar

Another Mega city of India is Amritsar, where the sights of Golden temple & lush mustard fields are often very Bollywood like! And it's a great way to unwind Punjabi style with some piping hot make di roti & sarson da saag!


Tourist Places in Delhi

A day in the National capital of India can be very exciting as well! Delhi is a combination of ancient & modern beauty. It's a bucket of rich culture, ancient monuments, mass diversity & many more. So enlighten your heart with every passing fort, markets & colourful people around!


Tourist Places in Kolkata

The Cultural Mega city of India is Kolkata. Here one can experience an alluring old-World charm & tranquil pace of life. So explore the city to soak up the culture from rambling trams to grand Victorian-era buildings.

Taking a small trip to your own city makes you re-direct your attention to beautiful things you have been missing out due to your busy schedules. A few hours isn't enough time to explore the highlights of a city but to make most of a single day, its best to hire a cab & zoom between experiences. You can always explore the quieter sections of your city as well & simply catch your breath in the silence to rejuvenate yourself.

So don't let the wish of taking a trip to your own city make repeated appearances on your bucket list, booking Mega Cabs is just a click away, so go ahead, materialise your wish in a click.

You will almost certainly be glad by spending just a day out!

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