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Hazards Of Drinking And Driving

June 18, 2013

A higher Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) decreases the attentiveness of one's brain and increases probabilities of mishaps of all kinds. This reason is one of the major reasons for high number of accidents over the roads. With the increasing trend of drinking among youth, the number of such mishaps has increased to a greater degree. Alcohol not only decreases a person's attentiveness but also affects the decision making ability of a person to a higher extent. A drunk person is in least ability to react to surrounding changes and coordinate between steering, gear, clutch, and brakes. According to a study made by Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) the chances of death are 707 times higher than a sober driver.There is a strong need to take proper measures to warn all those who often attempt to do various stunts including driving in drunken state. A number of efforts are being taken at various level for spreading awareness about responsible drinking and safe driving. For e.g. a 'Respect the Road' campaign was recently organized by SABMiller India in association n with Radio 91.1 FM, Megacabs- the radio taxi provider in several cities, and several others. There are various such efforts that are being made by several organizations to make people understand hazards of overdrunken driving. But on a personal level too there are a number of measures that can be adopted by an individual such as:

Try not to intake alcohol more than a limit. Be it occasional or daily drinks try not to exceed 2-3 pegs.

Do not drive if you have taken more than required drinks better hire a cab that can drop you home or your required destinations. There are a number of cab services like Megacabs that can reach you anywhere within a few minutes and safely drop you wherever you want.

In case there is no other option than to drive, than make a person sit on co-driver seat that is in a sober state and capable of handling situation whenever needed.

Never allow a person below 21 years to drive in any state as kids have a higher tendency to go haywire and meet accidents.

Always remember before you try and make an attempt to drive in drunken state that it is not you but your co-passenger who will pay the price in case your car crashes or meets an accident.
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