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From anywhere in Delhi to the airport with Mega Cabs

February 6, 2016

Delhi, the capital of our country, is a giant city with a prodigious amount of history, temples, life, culture, food, and everything you can possibly imagine.
Delhi has been the seat of power for decades and centuries, withmany upheavals. It has been demolished and rebuilt innumerably. Also, like every metropolitan city in India, Delhi has been straddlingin two worlds: the part constantly attempting to adapt with the new ways of life. Old Delhi, also the capital of Mughals, is a maze of narrow "gulleys" andcollapsing "havelis" with formidable mosques. Contrasting that the city of Delhi, built by the Britishersencompasses large expanses of tree-lined boulevards and tall government buildings.
The mega factor about the city lies not only in the past glory but in the diverse and rich cultures also. The city is sprinkled with sparkling gems. There arecaptivatinghistorical monuments dotting every corner, enthralling museums with art galleries that contribute to the cultural scene and mouth-watering cuisines in bustling markets.
The vivacious and striking atmosphere of Delhi markets makes shopping exciting. In reality, Delhi has the greatest markets across India, with handiworks and handicrafts from all over the country. So don't miss it!
There aren't enough reasons why you shouldn't visit every corner of the city this weekend. Post your visit if you're looking for a ride out of the city to the airport you know your first option, Mega Cabs. Specially starting this weekend, post booking through the app or online you get the first five kilometres free ride from city to airport.
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