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Enjoy the Festivities of Navratri

September 16, 2014

Every holiday is a special day. The celebrations, the joy, the people out in the streets with their families. Everything around you makes you feel happy and helps to spread the good atmosphere throughout the town. But with every holiday comes a tricky factor along with it: planning your day. It is a free day that you can spend at any place you would like to go to, but if you are just roaming around Kolkata and trying to see many different places or trying to get somewhere that requires you to be there at a specific time, there will be the need for some planning in advance.

That is why Mega cabs is here to help. When deciding where you want to go, just book one of our cabs through our website and see how easy it is to spend the day just like you planned and have mega cabs driving you around the Kolkata with no worries and very comfortably in our spacious cars. If you have more than one destination that you want to go is also very simple: just let us know in advance and your entire day will be a smooth ride around with nothing to worry about over where to park the car or how to get to one point to another.

With Mega Cabs in Kolkata you will be able to have the Navratri holiday just like you want it, without letting any outside worries to affect your relaxing day. To make sure you will get the best out of your rides all of the Mega Cabs cars come equipped with gps, so that nothing and nowhere can become impossible to reach. Also, we have extra legroom for your comfort and a large trunk where you can keep your possible shopping you'll make during the day. So book your ride for this Navratri and just enjoy the day with ease and tranquility.
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