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Easy and cheap option for your mobility right in the palm of your hand

September 29, 2014

Booking a cab usually involves calling companies, explaining your need and it can be very time consuming. But technology is available to make our lives easier, so why not take advantage of that?

Smartphones are here to increase the productivity of the everyday life and millions of mobile applications are used by people daily. To make sure your cab is easy to find, Mega Cabs developed mobile app for your convenience! With it you can book cabs anywhere at any time so that you can go where you want to without any difficulties. And to show just how much this can help you, we are giving a special discount for people who book a ride with the Mega Cabs app. book with our app you will get Rs.100 off on your next ride! So enjoy this practical offer and start using our app for more convenience and better prices too.

Whenever you need a ride to somewhere with comfort and a professional service just remember that your phone is a great option to find yourself a cab. In a cafe, out on the street, in the mall, right out of the cinemas, all of these situations make our app a handy choice for booking a cab. So this way you can have a Mega Cabs car available for you at anytime and anywhere you want.

For the time being, this offer is available only in Kolkata during Durgapuja.
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