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Catching flights was never this easy

November 8, 2014

The travelling from one corner of the city to another sometimes becomes painful experience. The things you need to deal with include traffic, weather, rash drivers etc. making the journey before the actual journey quite disgusting experience. It gets even worse when the city where you live is a big metro city like Bengaluru. You have to leave home long before actual departure of the flight to make sure you reach terminal in time. But imagine if your flight is scheduled at odd hours of time or airport is on another corner of this traffic filled city? Not only you need a reliable driving experience to reach airport on time, but it should be safe and comfortable too. At this distress moment, you will require someone, someone who can fulfill your current need with expertise. Maybe we don't know you personally, but our 14 years of experience is more than enough to know the problems faced day to day by the locals of this city. This is why our customers always end up satisfied with our services and value our measures towards this problem.

We always appreciate the loving gestures of our customers and as a vote of thanks, we like to bestow them with value for money schemes time to time. This November, Mega cabs is treating you with an offer you cannot miss. With the new "666 Hattrick" offer, booking a cab from any corner of the city to Airport will just cost Rs. 666. Booking can be done via our website or you can download our smartphone app and book cabs through it. Hurry because offer is for a limited time only!

You can always rely on the Mega Cabs for the quality of services we choose for our customers. Our crew is nitpicked with the cars equipped with particular features. Large rear seats with extra leg-space for maximum conformability. Other than this, every car has extended boot space to put the luggage with convenience. You can stay assured about the safety of your near and dear ones while they are travelling with us because our cars come pre-installed with GPS system, connected to our headquarters from where their positions and routes are monitored constantly. These are few reasons why people have faith on our services. For any further information or booking purposes, you can visit and contact us or send in queries at
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