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8 Things you can do in a cab.

July 26, 2014

Every time you take a cab ride to somewhere, there is a feeling of free time since you have the feeling that the time you would be driving around is now time for yourself. Of course you can take that time to do the usual Facebook scanning, check emails and things like that, but there is also many things that can be explored while you are in the cab that are unique and fun and really make you feel like that is time purely for yourself. Here is a list of a few things you can do while riding one of our Mega Cabs:

Take a nap while you go somewhere.

Those days when you were sleepy behind the wheel are gone now that you can just sit down and take a quality nap in comfort.

See the city and streets around you.

When you are driving, the focus is on the roads and on the other cars. So take the time to see the gardens that are around you, the people on the street, the pretty blue sky, all of the things you pass by on the everyday life but are quite important for seeing the good things in everyday life.

Starring contests with random strangers in other cars just of the fun of it.

Having some time off also means that you can be silly and have fun with it. Every time you are caught in traffic or in a red light, people around are bored. So why not make the situation more fun? Take on activities such as entertaining the little kid in the car behind you by making a show of weird faces and moves. The back seat is yours to be used, feel free. So go ahead and have some fun.

Talk to a cab driver from an absolutely random city you never been to.

Meeting new people is something refreshing. Get to know another point of view, another culture maybe, and going with that is one of our most human things we can do.

Think about your life.

It's like when you take a shower. You stay there all relaxed and your mind just drifts in to all kinds of thoughts from what will you have to eat, what is the meaning of your existence here and everything in between those two topics.

Wave hello to everyone in the street while you pass by them.

Being friendly and foolish is a sure thing to get a few more smiles throughout the day.

Ask the driver to turn on the radio and listen to songs you had not heard in ages.

We can get easily caught in the routine, even with our own music. Listening to a new radio station or revisiting something from the past is guaranteed to bring out some good moments for yourself while you remember your early days.

Cool off.

After being all day walking around the city, walking into a cab with air conditioned is every little bit of heaven you can possibly imagine. That is the moment the right side of your brain just wants to say: Drive to anywhere, just let me stay in this A/C for at least half an hour. I don't really care. But the left side shows up to remind of where you want to go.

Anytime you feel like doing any of those things while you go to your destination, book your cab on our website Mega where you will find how easy it is to book your ride and enjoy the practicality.
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