Day Rs. 21.00 per km
Night 20% extra between 2200 hrs to 0500 hrs.
Convenience Rs. 30.00*
Waiting Rs. 120.00 per hr*
Service Tax 4.944% on meter fare**

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. People from India and other foreign countries come to visit this city of joy. The city of Kolkata offers its tourists, lots of avenues, in terms of natural beauty, marvelously erected monuments and fun activities. At the same time, it provides them a deep insight view of a tremendously rich and intellectual culture. Motherland of noted scholars, this city is also famous for its education as well as trading sector. Thousands of people come here every year, to explore the beauty of this attractive place.

Apart from the natural beauty in and around Kolkata, present in the form of beaches, lakes and other such spots, the city also has magnificent architecture to flaunt. In fact, owing due to its outstanding palaces, the city is often called the 'City of Palaces'. There are also several religious places in the city. With modernization of the city, places like Birla Planetarium and Science City and amusement parks like Nicco Park and Aquatica, have also become major attractions of the city.

Kolkata is also a shopper's paradise. Hogg's Market, AC Market, College Street, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, Central Cottage Industries Emporium at Chowringee, Shreeram Arcade, City Centre, Treasure Island and Forum Multiplex are a few places where you can get to explore all the famous items of Kolkata, right from junks to exquisite crafts. While in Kolkata, don't forget to buy ethnic wear for yourself. Do relish a lot on the local delicious sweets of the city. For roaming around these places, make use of local transport, in the form of state buses, private carriers, cabs, metered auto & taxis, trams and metro.

Make sure that you don’t miss any of the above mentioned place, if you are going to visit Kolkata.

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