After introducing a unique and revolutionary 24x7 radio taxi service in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ludhiana , Amritsar and Kolkata Mega cabs has now arrived in Bengaluru, to make traveling easier. It brings to you a world-class commuting experience, comparable with the most developed cities across the world.

You can call Mega Cabs by dialling  +91-80-47474747  anytime of the day or night, and within minutes, a metered, well-appointed air-conditioned taxi will arrive at your doorstep. Quick, safe and reliable, it's the best way to travel within the city, at pre-approved rates. Our taxis, equipped with air-conditioners and GPS-GPRS technology-enabled devices, provide utmost comfort and peace of mind while travelling.

Comprehensive and timely check-ups, regular visits for preventive maintenance and on-road inspections ensure that all cabs are in perfect mechanical condition and meet all standards of cleanliness and comfort. What's more? You are charged from your point of embarking to your destination only.

The day charges 6AM to 11:59PM Minimum Charges is RS 80 for the first 4 Km and subsequent each km is Rs 19.50, Night Charges 12:00AM to 6 AM would be 10% extra.


Day Night Convenience Waiting
Rs. 80 for the first 4 KM. Then 19.50 per subsequent km. 10% Extra. Between 0000 hrs to 0600 hrs. Rs. 35.00 * XX.XX

* Convenience charges applicable on cab bookings done via call centre.
No Convenience charges for the cab bookings done online(website/mobile apps)

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